For those interested in getting hold of a physical copy of SLOW THEN FAST please see the Just Giving link below. When I say give as you can afford I do mean it.

As I’m notified of your donations I’ll mark them against the list of those who expressed an interest and then start mailing out.

Do bear with me on timing though please – I’m a more than a bit short of energy and focus these days, for obvious reasons.

Thanks to all who have engaged with this project, and to anyone who donates. If there’s someone obvious who you think might be interested but doesn’t ‘do’ social media do let them know about it.

Thanks very much,


Slow Then Fast is a forty-page, limited print run, private chapbook.

Cover 350gsm embossed (Gravure) Colourplan paper with black and white foil.

Pretty isn’t it? That’s thanks to the…

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New ebook published

I have just published a new ebook called Shipwrecked. This is my first attempt at a children’s picture book and is available for free at Smashwords.

The story is all about a young girl called Heather who has been on an adventure of a lifetime aboard the sailing ship Orinoco. But then disaster strikes and she is shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. As the only remaining member of the crew and at just ten years of age, how will she survive? Will she ever be rescued? Is she truly alone?

To get the most from this children’s picture book, you may wish to use a device with a colour screen along with an App such as SideBooks which can display the left and right pages simultaneously and has a page turning animation.

Shipwrecked Cover


Modern Warfare

If you can operate this computer,
you can operate this missile, it’s the future.

We’ve made firing missiles,
like a computer game, they travel miles.

No more will you have to slip and slide,
in the blood of your foe, as they try to hide.

Grappling face to face sword in hand,
this of you, we would never demand.

Why all the war and destruction?
Money, it acts like suction.

Click, click – pause,
boom, boom, canned applause.

A soothing voice, ‘ you have now reached your . . ‘,
‘destroyed your desti . . beep . . target’ oh the gore!