Philosophical Entertainment – Introduction

I have had it mind to do this for a while now and have finally got around to starting. What is this? Just some words which you may or may not find interesting, amusing and maybe even of some use to you in your life, then again maybe not.

What I hope to do here is to explore those Life the Universe and Everything type questions. Why? I find it fun and maybe you will too and perhaps it may also help us live happier lives, you never know!

To be clear, this is not me telling you what you should do or think! You do not have to read all or any of this if you do not want to and you can of course take or leave what you find here as you choose. At the end of the day, they are just words. I will be drawing on the work of many people and throwing my own ideas into the mix too.

This is also for myself for the reasons outlined above and also I hope it will help to consolidate and crystallise my thoughts on these various topics. I will divide this into sections to make it easier to read and add to over the coming weeks and months.

I hope my discussions will ignite or reignite your interest in philosophical questions. You never know I may even act as a finger pointing in a general direction which may be insightful.

Atop a hill he stood

In the dark of night

The moon shinning bright

Hand held aloft

Finger pointing to the silver globe

There lies the way

The finger pointing to the moon, is not the moon

To look at the moon one must look beyond the finger

Words may point the way

But then abandon all labels

Experience for yourself, the connection

(R Kay inspired by Huineng-907AD)

Footnote: To be clear I am not claiming that all the ideas presented here are my own unique thoughts. Whilst I will make some mention of those who have influenced me as we go along I am not going to cite them as one would in academia as this would be tiresome for both you and me. For an idea of the influences on my thoughts see my quotes section which I will gradually add to over the coming months.


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