You’re going to publish a poetry book! Really?

I admit that I did not really enjoy poetry all that much when I was at school except for e e cummings who I thought was great. I had a mental image of poets flouncing around in big frilly shirts and swooning over the beauty of buttercups and the like. This really did not draw me to this area of literature.

However having recently read R H Blyth’s books on Haiku I felt the unexpected urge to give Haiku a go. I enjoy the brevity of Haiku which can nonetheless portray vivid images, emotions and thoughts. Haiku explores the essential in the trivial and sees significance in the seemingly insignificant. Also after listening to John Lithgow’s excellent audio book on poetry I have even felt moved to give other forms of poetry a try.

P.S. I am currently searching online for flouncy shirts and find I quite like snowdrops.